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This Monday's Menu

Guests of the Inn enjoy a selection of delicious breakfast options. For set price meals, choose an appetiser, entrée and dessert. Smaller appetite? We can do 'a la carte' from this menu. Vegetarian and Vegan options available.


Your choice of a hot or cold breakfast is included with room rentals.

Hot or Cold

Options include our own yoghurt, fresh fruit, granola, muesli, hot cereal, cold cereal, hotcakes, eggs and omelettes in many styles as well as our own sausage and bacon.



Choose one of the following appetisers as part of the set meal or as an a la carte item.

Seasonal Garden Salad

Fresh organic greens and delectable seaweed combined with local tomato, onion and peppers. Dressed in our own vinaigrette and topped with a mix of dried cranberries, sesame and pumpkin seeds.



This classic Greek treatment is a huge favourite!.


Mussel Intro

This tasty treat will set your appetite up perfectly. Mussels from not too far away steamed "our way" and served with some crusty sour-dough baguette fresh from the oven.


Seafood Chowder

This starts as a cream based classic and showcases our fabulous local seafood making it the perfect start for your meal. Mell's fresh baked bread will help you get every drop.



On offer for this Monday night, your choice of the following main courses.

Pan Seared Haddock Dominique

Haddock marinated in the style of Dominica. Moist and succulent coated in Red Fife or Turmeric Corn flour for those avoiding gluten. Served on a bed of Saffron Pilaf.


Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

Tenderloin stuffed with a moist flavourful combination of our own sausage sourdough bread, nutty hemp and seasonings, roasted to tender perfection and surrounded by tiny grilled tomatoes and potatoes.



Select one of the following to accompany your entree


Tender and fresh with a rich butter sauce for dipping or drizzling. Enjoy this seasonal treat as long as it keeps coming up.


Basil Beet Delight

Eat your beets! If Mom had made them this way you'd have been begging for them.


Mixed Steamed Vegetables

Zucchini, broccoli, red pepper, onion, carrot and fennel steamed and seasoned just right. A delicious way to get your veggies!


Orange Blossom Carrots

You will never look at carrots the same way after you try these sweet organic gems!


Side salad.

Our Garden Salad's little friend. Say "hello" to our little friend!



A generous helping of our own deli style coleslaw made with crunchy fermented cabbage, organic carrots, peppers and a tangy spice blend tempered by island honey.



Select one of the following as the perfect finish to your meal.


Today's pies are Apple and Coconut Cream.


Creme Brule

Crack your way into this tasty treat.


Chocolate Pots

This dessert is so rich and darkly satisfying it will send a chocolate fancier into a swoon.


After Dinner Beverages

Coffee, Tea (ask about our selection), or Special Coffees. A perfect conclusion to your meal.


Your choice of, drip, pressed or espresso. No charge for fixed price diners.



Black teas, King Cole (also available in decaf), Typhoo or Tetley. Green teas, Earl Grey and King Cole. Tisanes, Peppermint, Lemon balm and Camomile,


Special Coffee

This special drink is a Johnson Shore original guaranteed to cap your meal with a delicious blend of potent potables and dark rich coffee, topped with freshly whipped cream and shaved dark chocolate.


Comfortable Options

Looking for a vegetarian option or a comforting house made specialty? You'll find it here!

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