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Aquatic Adventures!

Some of us are drawn to the water. Ocean, sea, lake, river or puddle; we must have it to bathe, swim, use or cross. Water is life!
From the Inn you can enjoy the expanse, power and beauty of the Gulf of St Lawrence. The only way to connect more to the sea, is on the sea! 

Take some time to check out our neighbours. They offer a variety of experiences that will build a PEI memory you'll cherish forever.

Battle the Amazing Bluefin!
Fishing at its finest! Book now with the Bruce Brothers to avoid disappointment.
Click here to visit Bruce Brothers site!
Feed and Dive with The Giants!


You won't get closer to Bluefin Tuna than this! Join Captain Jeff MacNeill on a charter to feed, dive or snorkel with or fish for these Giants of the Deep.  Click here to visit Capt. Jeff's site!



Catch and Release Tuna


Two Guys Tuna Charters will get your line wet and your rod bent. Join Captains Steven and Dwayne on the adventure of a lifetime!
Click here to visit Two Guys Tuna Charters!

Clamming! Giant Bar Clam Dig - Tranquillity


Drop anchor 8 km off our coastline to explore a deserted island. Dig for giant clams, haul lobster, rockcrab, and mussel lines. Swim, snorkel, sunbathe, beachcomb, and handle sealife. Steer a real lobster boat, breath our salt air. Get way out there and do something fresh. Book your own adventure and experience our island. Play in the past, live in the present, just live!

Fly Fishing!


Join Cameron Ross on a fly fishing excursion. Beginner of expert, you'll be led to the finest fishing sites in Eastern PEI by an acknowledged expert in the art of angling. Click here to visit On the fly PEI! 

Shallow Water Fun!


Prefer to make your own way in the water? Try a Kayak Adventure through the estuaries and costal regions of PEI. Rent kayaks and bikes here.

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